Wireless Underwater Live Video Camera


The World's First Live HD Fishing Lure

Eco-Popper is an underwater video camera designed for top-water fishing, that streams live HD video of the underwater action to your smartphone. Eco-Popper comes equipped with a high-definition 720p, high sensitivity wide angle underwater camera located at the rear of the popper. It floats on top of the water (just like a regular fishing popper) and by using its unique 135x90 degrees wide-angle camera, it can take video looking down to 10-12 ft.

How Does it Work?

The Eco-Popper creates a local Wi-Fi network that is linked to the angler’s mobile device (smart phone, tablet, etc) via an application (iOS/Android) that is downloaded ahead of time.

Through this local network, all video and sensor data are transmitted to the angler’s mobile device and processed by the app.

The angler also gains full access to relevant real-time data about his location. Sensors located in the popper measure temperature and salinity (the level of saltiness).

These can be used to not only determine the preferred fishing areas but also to monitor the health of the water itself. This captured data can also be shared through the angler’s social media networks as well.


Great lure and sweet video wish I could share the video i got on here also cool that the lure streams to your phone cool system

I actually use my Eco-Popper as a tool to find fish in areas that i can’t see to the bottom. It is amazing. I cant`s wait to take it to the salt where the fish are big enough to eat it.

Love this color looks like a red bellied sunfush. Great video quality !

The video quality is fantastic! I`ve cauht large mouth bass with mine. Love using the mothership technique to get great footage for my YouTube channel and helps me scout the water (looking at the vegetaion types, rocks and bait fish) before tournaments. Super easy to use!


As a camera AND top-water lure! Eco-Popper is designed as a real top-water fishing lure (Popper) that you can cast. It floats on the water surface and operates well in both freshwater and saltwater. Its special wide-angle camera can catch HD video down to 10-12 ft.

As seen on the Innovation Insider

Core Features

Live HD video streaming up to distance of 30m (90 ft).
Completely waterproof, operates in both freshwater and saltwater.
70 minutes of continuous use with a rechargeable battery.
Ultra-high sensitivity camera for low light conditions.
Built-in water temperature and salinity sensors.
Wide-angle camera (135 x 90).