Wireless Underwater Live Video Camera

The World's First Live HD Fishing Lure


The video quality is fantastic! I've caught large mouth bass with mine. Love using the mothership technique to get great footage for my YouTube channel and helps me scout the water (looking at vegetation types, rocks and bait fish) before tournaments. Super easy to use!


Great lure and sweet video wish I could share the video I got on here also cool that the lure streams too your phone cool system


I actually use my Eco-Popper as a tool to find fish in areas that I can't see to the bottom. It is amazing. I can't wait to take it to the salt where the fish are big enough to eat it


Love this color looks like a red bellied sunfish. Great video qaulity!


Our Vision

Our vision is to empower the sports fishing experience without changing its core fundamentals.

All our products contain wide variations of specialized under-water optic sensors, as well as a wide variety of environmental sensors that deliver an effective crowd-based solution to monitor and measure the condition and quality of our water environment.

We envision millions of people around the world joining our adventure.