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What is Eco-Popper ?

Eco-Popper is the world’s first digital fishing lure, equipped with an embedded high-definition camera and sensors which enable it to stream live underwater video and data directly to your smartphone.How does Eco-Popper work?

How does Eco-Popper work?

What are Eco-Popper's Core Features??

What are the benefits of using Eco-Popper?

How can I get the Eco-Popper app?

What can I do with the Eco-Popper app?

What are Eco-Popper's tech specs?

How is Eco-Popper powered?

How do I recharge Eco-Popper?

How long does it take to recharge Eco-Popper?

How do I check Eco-Popper's battery level?

How does Eco-Popper connect and communicate with my phone?

How does Eco-Popper transit live underwater video?

What is included with Eco-Popper?